Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been busy

Hello.  I haven't forgotten about my little blog.  I have been very busy w/ life in general.  Homeschooling is taking a lot more of my time than I expected for my oldest only being in Kindergarten.  She is very strong-willed, so sometimes it takes awhile to get the lessons in.  Some days I just give up.  I get right back on it the next day & do a little more informal learning often, but do not call it school. 

I have also been doing my own version of Becky Higgins' Project Life.  I did buy the journaling cards & special sheet protectors w/ the pockets in them.  I love this idea.  I was once the kind of scrapper that only scrapped for the birthdays, holidays, and big events.  I tended to not take pics of just the little things.  Once I started doing Muffin Tin Meals, I started taking pics of more things.  Of course, I took pics of the kids often when they were doing something cute or wearing a sweet little outfit I wanted to remember.

I have been on the computer much less lately - trying to keep a better home.  Don't know if I'm succeeding at that, but I am keeping caught up with dishes and laundry, taking more time to read (trying to read my Bible every day), taking more time to play with the kids, etc. 

I do plan to share some fun crafty things I have made as well as more muffin tin & bento lunches (we just made our first ones the other day).    So, please don't drop my blog  - more to come very soon.